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On April 20, the leading group was formed to prepare to establish the Chemical Petroleum Institute of Hubei; On June 25, Government File No. 102 [1972 ] of Hubei Province was notified: Based on Hubei School of Technology, the Chemical Petroleum Institute of Hubei was to be set up. In September, Gong Yuping assumed office as the Secretary of the Party.


Moved to the present location-- No. 366 Zhuodaoquan Road of Wuchang. Three specialities, namely, the Chemical Industry of the Inorganic , Organic Chemistry Industry and Chemical Machinery, recruited the first students which amounted to 110 people.


February 26, Hubei Government gave a written reply to the file, confirmed institute's scale as 1500 persons and maked the ten-year development plan (1975-1985).


There were students in every grade; Institute's organizational system succeeded for the first time.


Recruited the first batch of four- year system undergraduates.


The focal point of work of the institute was transfered to teaching and scientific research. In November, Li Kande assumed office as institute's secretary, and Meng Zhanyong as the president.


Institute's membership changed. On March 31, Ministry of Education issued File No. 134 which determined: the Chemical Petroleum Institute of Hubei was renamed as Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology; Ministry of Chemical Industry and Hubei province were the double leaders, and it relied mainly on Ministry of Chemical Industry.


The first track and field sports meeting of institute.


Celebration activity of the 10th anniversary


In September, GuSheng Chen taked as deputy president, In December, Yuan Guozhi assumed office as the Scretary pf the Party.


The seven Five-year- construction plan (1985-1990) was made


On January 16, Ministry of Chemical Industry gave a written reply to the suggestion that " five is made " of the institute. In December, Chen GuSheng assumed office as the President.


The initial Party Congress was held on January 11, Party Committee of the institute was established formally . In March, the first congress of teachers, staff members and workers was held.


The celebration for the 15th anniversary.In August Lu Fuli assumed office as institute's secretary.


Recruited jointlythe Master-degree candidates for the first time with the Technical College of Kunming, and Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute etc.


The second Party Congress was held on April 8 to Make the eighth 5-year-construction plan (1991-1995 ).


In February, Chen GuSheng acts for the Party Secretary. Gu Xiulian from the Ministry of Chemical Industry came to inspect on June 22


The second congress of teachers, staff members and workers was held. On April 3, the vice-minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Li Zibing came for inspection. The celebration activity of the 20th anniversary of the Institute was held. In September, Jiang ZiDuo assumed office as institute's secretary.


On September 17, He GuoQiang , vice-minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry , came to inspect the work. In October, Jiang ZiDuo held the president concurrently. On November 4, the third Party Congress was held. The second school personnel representatives assembly was held. The comprehensive reform scheme of WHICT was made and implemented.


The ninth five-year- construction plan (1995-2000 ) was made.


On April 21, Cheng Siwei of the Ministry of Chemical Industry came to the institute to inspect. Train the doctoral candidate Jointly with the South Central university of Industry for the first time. In December, He DingXiong assumed office as institute's secretary.


On May 18, Li ShiZhong , vice-minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry , came to the institute to investigate. The third congress of teachers, staff members and workers was held.


In February, Zhong Kanglian assumed office as the President . The institute held the forum of the 25th anniversary . The inaugural meeting of board of directors was held in November. Li YongWu, vice-minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, and Wang Shaojie, thevice-governor, attended the conference.


On January 8, the fourth Party Congress was held.

Pass the qualified appraisal of the undergraduate course teaching by national Ministry of Education smoothly . The Institute was awarded to " the Provincial advanced university of Party- building and ideological and political work " by the Organization Department of Provincial Party committee of the Communist Party of China Hubei and Working Committee of the university.

The Institute was classified as the gift unit of the master's degree by the degree committee of the State Council. Chemical technology obtained master's degree gift. On July 3, according to the document No. 103 by General Office of the State Council, the Institute leadership changed from former executive of the Ministry of Chemical Industry to central authorities and Hubei government , with the latter taking the main management .


The vice-governor, Wang Shaojie came to the Institute to inspect the work. September - November, organs personnel competed for their posts.


On January 6, the vice-governor, Wang Shaojie, came to inspect the improvement project of tube-shaped apartment.

The tenth 5-year plan(2001-2005) was made.

The institute declared and set up the post of the specially- invited professor of the plan of " scholar of sky above Hubei and Hunan " in chemical craft discipline .

" chemical equation " and " chemical course machinery " were classified as the master station.

The three stressing educational activities was launched among the leading group of the whole institute's department level and the leading cadres in the second half year.

The institute was chosen as " the provincial model establishment ".

On December 6, Wang ShengTie , deputy secretary of Provincial Party committee , came to inspect the work.

Hubei chemical technology studying and designing institute enterd the institute wholly.


The plan of "two establishments and one development” was made.

The second director's conference was held and Wang Shaojie, the vice-governor, attended the meeting.

The Institute and municipal government of Yichang signed the cooperated agreement bilaterally.

The football representative team of the robots was set up. In the World Cup Competition the team became the top eight at one blow for the first time inside the Hubei province.

The Institute solicited 47.867 hectares to run a school for a new campus in the area of Jiangxia District (not including the land used for student's apartment and life ).


In April, our school robot football team obtained the second place among the national robot football championship in " Daqing cup" and obtained champion in the seventh World Cup robot football match of Korea. In June, the school renaming activity started formally . On October 18, the school held the 3-days celebration activity on 30th anniversary of the school.

On November 19, the first stage of the project of new campus started. On December 9, administrative chief leaders of the school adjusted. Wu YuanXin assumed office as the president of WHICT.

On 27 - 29 of December, the school held the fifth Party Congress.


April 1st, Mr. Zhang Changer, commissioner of provincial standing committee, minister of? Publicity Ministry and Mr. Li Zhonghuai, vice secretary of Provincial Department of University Affairs, visited and inspected the institute. On April 23rd,? the Anti-SARS Committee established and the anti-SARS campaign launched. On June 5th, with the arrangement of Provincial Education Department, the specialists team of provincial university and evaluation committee organized the censoring meeting for the renaming . On June 12th, Wu Qidi, CPC member of Education Ministry, vice minister of Education Ministry inspected the institute, along with Chen Weijia, an office dean directly under Education Ministry. On Sep 11th, the Liufang neew campus was put into usage, Zhang Moying, commissioner of provincial Committee of University Affairs presented the celebration ceremony and extended a speech of congratulation on behalf of Provincial Committee of University Affairs and Provincial Education Department. On Sep 8th, Ji Xiping, the Olympic Champion of badminton in Sydney, was admitted to study in our institute.??


On Jan 9th, vice governor of Hubei province Gu Shengzu inspected the new campus of Liufang. Some leaders of provincial education Department were in accompany. On Jan11th, the specialists of the National University inspected the institute. On Jan17th, Deng Daokun, deputy secretary of Provincial Committee, visited the institute with director of provincial Education Department, Lugang extended their best wishes to the faculty. In February, the institute was given the title as the gift unit of Master degree for people with the identical ability by Degree Administration Office of the State Council. On March 5th, a new round of personnel system reform is carried out, all the faculty should compete to hold the post. In May, Ministry of Education permitted the one-year plan of upgrading Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology to Wuhan Institute of Technology. On June 18th to 21st, organized by the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, sponsored by the institute, “ The Fifth National Robots Football Match is held in the Wuhan Science and Technology Exhibition Center. The purpose of selecting the best Chinese team or 2004 FIRA International Robots Football Contest was fulfilled. On June 29th, vice Major, Yuan Shanxi visited the institute and helped solve some problems. On August 20th, the administration of the archives passed the evaluation and entered the first class.


On Jan 29th, Zhang Changer, commissioner of Standing Committee, director of provincial Publicity Department visited the institute for inspection, along with deputy director of Provincial Publicity Department Li Yizhang, deputy secretary of provincial committee of University Affairs Li Huaizhong, secretary of Provincial publicity Department Chen Lianli,etc. The institute was granted the cultivation unit of Engineering Master, majoring in chemistry engineering. On March 16th, Huang Yuanzhi, commissioner of the Provincial standing committee, deputy secretary of the provincial Committee, team leader of university security group visited the new campus with other leaders. On April 18th, the office automatic system was booted up. On May 21st, the report meeting was held for the preparation of granting Doctoral degree gift of Hubei Chemistry Research Institute. On July 9th, the specialists team of the National University Administration & Evaluation Committee came to check the preparing work of renaming. On September 8th, governor Luo Qingquan and vice? governor Guo Shenglian visited and inpected the institute to extend their best wishes for the faculty on Teachers’ Day. On August 15th, the mobilizing meeting was held to assure activities of ?maintaining Communist’s excellent features. On Nov 2nd, Xie Huanzhong, director of the Department of Science & Technology, inspected the institute. In December, the third section of Liufang cmpasus construction was fully completed.


On Feb 14th, permitted by Ministry of Education, the name of the institute was officially changed to the present one: The Wuhan Institute of Technology.

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