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Cooperation & Communication

The institute has always paid attention to establishing friendly cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions. Especially since entering the 1990s, already there are more than ten friendly universities or research institutions of international cooperation. They are as follows:



Hamburg-Bogg Polytechnical University of Kazakhstan(in German)

In June of 1994, cooperation relationship with our institute is established. Both sides have made the cooperative agreement together. According to the agreements, the exchange and cooperation takes place in terms of the scientific papers, scientific and technological materials, and scientific and technical personnel exchange visits ; Both sides discuss and negotiate on studying abroad and training questions, such as talent's funds ,etc

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloy in Russia

The cooperation relationship is set up in 1995. The agreement signed by both sides says: Both sides make the cooperative scientific research plan; Both sides exchange visiting professors and give lectures; Both sides make the personnel training plan together

Missouri-Laura University of U.S.A.

The cooperation relationship is set up in August of 1995. The agreement made by both sides make says: Jointly promote the research of subjects; American personnel give lessons in a short time to Chinese personnel; The scientific research personnel of both sides exchange visits.

Missouri-Columbia University of technology of U.S.A.

In August of 1996 the cooperation relationship is established. The agreement by both sides says: Both sides plan to develop in higher education, the collaborative projects of research field and industry's application technology; Both sides set up a database abouteducation, research and technological service; Both sides develop and utilize the advanced communication system together; Both sides exchange administrative staff and teaching and research personnel who develop the common project and exchange visits; American sidepromises to offer one scholarship for doctorate to us every year; Both sides promise to be devoted to the cooperation of the long-term.

university of Israel

Cooperation starts in October of 1997. The agreement by both sides says: Make the cooperative scientific research plan together; Both sides exchange visiting professors.

Perugia university of Italy

Cooperation is established in October of 1997. The agreement by both sides says: Promote the culture of both sides , the exchanges of education and science and technology together; Both sides train with research and teacher that the various forms are devoted to geoscience .

University Gabriele D'Annunzio

Cooperation is established in August o1999. The agreement signed by both sides says: Both sides apply for student's scholarship commonly to the governments of two countries or the local government; Exchange visits or receive a training between the teachers and researchers of both sides; Both sides set up scholarships for the students and researchers commonly.

University of Paderborn

Cooperation is established in December of 1999. The agreement by both sides says: Both sides ask the teachers and researchers to give lectures to each other and do research work, etc.; Both sides support the other side to go on common teaching and research work, and try to issue the achievements made; Both sides exchange the books and teaching materials.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Canada

Cooperation is established in March of 2001. The agreement by both sides says:Canada side isresponsible for applying for the reasearch funds; Chinese side offers samples and Canada side then offers the funds in the cooperation; Both sides are responsible for subject research and share scientific research achievements together; Both sides carry on exchange visits of scientific research personnel.

University of Palermo

Cooperation is established in April of 2001. The agreement by both sides says: The professors and researchers of both sides exchange in holding the meetings , research projects and training courses etc.; Both sides, in the profound science of the students and graduate students , and in such respects as graduate student's class and thematic lectures of research and thesis ,etc. are exchanged;, launch the cooperation in culture , sports , recreation ,etc

LaSalle College International Inc.

Cooperation is established in June of 2001. The agreement by both sides says: Both sides establish Wuhan branch of Canada side together; Chinese side is responsible for offering the school buildings and auxiliary facility, and take charge of organizing the source of students; Canada side offers operating expenses, teachingmaterials and teachers , and is responsible for training necessary Chinese teachers and staff members.

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